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Welcome to the official House of Liquid Australia website.

House of Liquid is an exclusive international club offering the finest and most authentic e-liquid in the world. Here you will find premium quality e-liquid for advanced users and also an amazing range of natural and organically flavoured e-liquid products for the everyday vaper. All of our e-liquid is made and bottled in the UK for consistency and quality.

El Toro

El Toro is not your typical e-liquid brand. An extraordinary number of passionate supporters have made El Toro a vaping cult! If you are a real tobacco lover, this is your brand. Complex, robust and all natural e-liquid blends using exquisite tobacco leaves from around the world make El Toro a one of a kind tobacco e-liquid. An amazing dry tobacco flavour, delightful aromas and distinctive undertones that match the individual character of each tobacco variety used in the e-liquid. Extremely addictive, superior flavour with no sugars, nicotine or artificial essences. The worlds finest tobacco e-liquid that so many advanced vapers crave. This is pure tobacco as close to the real thing as it gets. This is the most authentic and realistic tobacco e-liquid available today. This is El Toro! We set the standard.

Premium Organic

For all our friends that prefer non tobacco liquids we have created a range that we believe is second to none. As the name suggest, we are using simply the best certified organic extracts available worldwide. Natural is always our minimum standard. Organic is that bit extra that we pushed ourselves to achieve so we can offer you the unparalleled.
From the simplistic pureness of our Green Apple and Menthol, to blended perfection of the Goldberry, or the extraordinary freshness of the Frozen Orange that can fill the room with real orange blossom aromas as soon as you open it. Every single of our Premium Organic liquids are standing on top against any synthetic in their category. To be honest, how satin can compete with real silk!
Our entire Premium Organic e-liquid range has been made with double strength flavour (Doublers) which allows customers in Australia to add additional base without any flavour loss.


It was the beginning of 2012 when House Of Liquid purchased it’s first barrel and shipped it across Europe to our premises. It was an old French Limousine oak barrel used for over 60 years to store METAXA brandy. Many of our friends still remember our first eCellar liquid. The superb Guevara Reserve that remains unsurpassed even today. Since then many things may have changed but our pursuit for perfection and pure innovation remain as strong as day one. The eCellar is our road to liquid mastery.

Each and every eCellar bottle was created to be extraordinary. Every bottle is uniquely numbered and signed by its creator. Every liquid is distinctive and traditionally matured for no less than 60 days in one of the twenty old liquor oak barrels in our cellar. Inspired by the “connoisseur”, and destined for the occasion. Those special days in our lives that we are the celebrity.

The eCellar liquids are a celebration of the senses, a tribute to perfection. Designed to be accompanied by a bottle of that special Whiskey or Brandy. A pleasure and excess.

Join our Club today to enjoy fabulous e-liquids and free samples with all orders. All of our members enjoy superior customer service, fast shipping around Australia and the worlds best e-liquid.

Many thanks,

The House of Liquid Team

18plusWarning: This website is for Adults only 18+. Our products may not be purchased or used by any person under the age of 18. By purchasing from us you declare that you are aged 18 or older on the date of purchase. House of Liquid reserves the right to cancel any transaction where it has reason to believe the purchaser is either below the required legal age or is purchasing products for a person below the required legal age. Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients. These products are not intended for use as nicotine replacement therapy. House of Liquid makes no claim that our products help to quit smoking.